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Richmond Building Group


We understand that quality performance and expertise are on the top of your list when evaluating home builders.  That is precisely why we partnered with Richmond Building Group, a trusted local builder.  Matt Crisp, Operations Manager, and Rick Bishop, Business Manager, are well qualified to lead the construction of your custom home.

After receiving his MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Mr. Bishop spent over thirty years gaining practical leadership experience in management, strategy and coaching.  His dedication to the industry led him to develop the first-ever ethics training and certification system.  Known for his extensive knowledge and education, he is often sought out by other builders to consult on their projects.

Mr. Crisp has devoted over thirty years to the building industry.  Striving to exceed consumer expectations, Mr. Crisp leads his team to follow strict deadlines while not sacrificing quality. This excellent leadership and experience on commercial and residential projects has earned him a place of respect within the building community.

This complementary team works tirelessly to deliver beautiful, custom built homes at an affordable price.  We are confident you will be pleased with the results.For additional info on Richmond Building group.Click link below.